Fanvision Kangaroo Handheld Tv K-Ivt-300-Gd-B Fan Vision Nascar Golf New


  • $84.96
  • Save $460.02

  • FanVision Controller K-ITV-300-MI-B

In Original Box. Turned on to determine functionality - Never Used. It contains these accessories, power/charging cable, USB cable, earphones & lanyard. It is loaded with NFL software but updated software is available online from FanVision. The FanVision controller... NASCAR, INDYCAR, US Open and PGA Tour all recent Partners. FanVision controller K-ITV-300-MI-B - Features Live updates - both video and audio and much more. Please review the pictures I have uploaded and note that FanVision is an at event device and does require a subscription (sold separately - I did see that there is Coupons online for this subscription) in order to receive the broadcasts. Please review their site for further details

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