Very Rare Pack Numbered Limited Edition U.B. Funkeys Dream State Figure Set

Very Rare Pack Numbered Limited Edition U.B. Funkeys Dream State Figure Set


  • $40.29
  • Save $1.18

  • Out of Production Limited Edition Very Rare Pack

  • Includes the Very Rare Version of Waggs, Drift, Vlurp and Ptep

  • Bonus Foil Collector Card with the Image of One of the Very Rare Dream State Funkeys

  • Sequentially-Numbered Card and Pack

  • Both Card and Pack Contain a Limited-Edition Serial Number (Only 12,000 Were Produced)

  • Originally Only at Target, It Is No Longer Available in Stores

The Funkeys Very Rare Pack contains the Very Rare version of four Dream State Funkeys: Waggs, Drift, Vlurp and Ptep. Each pack contains a collectible foil card with one of the four characters. Each card is given a unique serial number from 00001 to 12000 with the same number appearing on the package's Numbered Limited Edition Collector's Pack seal. The Waggs are the most faithful friend that any Funkey could have. With their tails constantly wagging, they seems as if they have no care in the world, but in truth, they are fiercely loyal to their companions, and will always defend a Funkey in Danger. The Drift have a gifted talent for anything mechanical, and are constantly tinkering with things in order to make them faster. The Drift will spend days making slight yet precise adjustments to their creations in order to get even the littlest amount of additional speed. Often feared for their fiendish fangs and ferocious features, the Vlurp are some of the most misunderstood Funkeys in Terrapinia. Rather than being brooding vicious fiends, the Vlurp are in fact strict vegatarians who prefer nothing more than good salad and a glass of tomato juice! The Ptep were personal guards of the great King Funkankhamun. While the Stitch were responsible for keeping the secrets of the great King, the Ptep were entrusted with the King's safety! They still guard his throne today, awaiting the day that the King will return and bring another Golden Age to the Funkeys! Master Lox has returned and is invading the Funkeys' dreams! In Dream State, you can explore 2 new zones in Terrapinia - Daydream Oasis and Nightmare Rift. Use 10 different Funkeys to unlock Games and defeat Master Lox and his new Villains! Along the way complete new Quests, use Chat Funkeys to IM your friends, and collect Multiplayer Funkeys to play head to head Games. Unlock, Chat, Play, Quest, and Win...if U.B. Funkey. (Funkeys are sold separately. Each has its own unique features - Chat, Multiplayer, unlock codes, etc).

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